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JaeHo Fic/Media Recommendations
I love JaeHo| Credits to Icykins
Welcome to jaeho_script, a recommendations journal on JaeHo. I basically made this community to house all my favourite JaeJoong/Yunho fics. I simply got sick of saving my favourite ones and just having this big jumble of JaeHo on my personal LJ. Also, I wanted to share the JaeHo love.

· What will be included?
· Fanfiction, fanart, and anything else JaeHo related that might strike my interest (possibly also YooSu)

·What WON'T be included?
· Anything I consider 'low-quality' stuff. Remember, this is just stuff that I like, so not everyone may share the same taste.

Also, if anyone has issues with me recommending and linking their JaeHo fic on this comm, just let me know, please.
Have fun :)

Credits to, er, myself for background banner and info bar. XD


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