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JaeHo Update

  • OneShots

Two Men, A Baby And Some Pirates by halcyon_morn. PG.

Two Men, A Baby And Some Pirates (The Fatherhood Mix) by kallistei. PG.

moonlight by u_knowiloveyou. PG. (featuring Hero JaeJoong)

how to fly by club_hypnotic. PG. AU

Casual Expression by mousapelli. PG. (sort of trainee-days)

break fall by u_knowiloveyou. PG.

starshine by u_knowiloveyou. PG. Fluff

mannequin by u_knowiloveyou. PG. Fluff

reverse the chemistry by u_knowiloveyou. PG.

can only write you a love song by inkedin. PG. AU, Angst

Bubbly Shotgun by quirke. PG. (vegas wedding :P really enjoyed reading this one)

The Right Guy by anoukinparis. PG. AU (go comment and bug for a sequel!)

creepy crawling
by halfkissed. PG. Drabble/Humour

sounds like love by loveclouds. PG. (loved this fic, very original compared to what's out there. recced by _happy_as_rain_)

the best part of travelling is coming home by preorder. PG.

maybe won't get you anywhere by preorder. PG.

let's play make believe by vintagewaltz. PG. Drabble/Angst

in the dark by vintagewaltz. PG. Drabble/Angst

Social Dancing in 4-1 Time by ranalore. PG.

trees without leaves by blurmeese. PG15 (character death, het; damnit, this fic! Prepare to bawl )

the gravity of our hearts by spinintriangles. PG. AU (firestarter)

  • WIP's

Never Again by reunionstory. PG. AU. Chapter 18. (gaaah, the Yunho!angst and distantmelancholy!JaeJoong)

turn us -- so we can fall (--right back in love) again; by readyforever. R. Complete (4 parts; main pairings being JaeHo and YooMin).

Paper Crown by little_bibelot. PG. AU. Chapter 3.

These Metal Bars by dreamrainydays. M. Chapter 10. (*__*)

With The Sun by anoukinparis. PG-R. Chapter 5b. (loving this series <333)

The Light Beyond the Dark by forsakenwk. R. Chapter 9.

Small Triumphs of War by dreaminthepast. PG-NC17. Complete.

  • ART

Bubblegum pops! Comic by shigai; story by jadexscandal. Romance/Fluff

jumotic . Just gotta pimp that community again, geebus... incredible artwork over there. Some naughty stuff, so don't peek if you're easily offended :P

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