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JaeHo Update

  • OneShots

Just Don't Think by dreamrainydays. PG.

Body Language by dreamrainydays. G.

Inspiration by dreamrainydays. NC-17.

Build A House Around Him by immodicus. PG. Angst. ( Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Junsu, Junsu/Yunho + (past) Yoochun/Junsu, (implied) Jaejoong/Yunho )

if at first you don't succeed, try and try... and try again by immodicus. PG.

and if you break, just don't tell me by frictionoflips. R. Angry!Love

Phone Call of Death by mes_t. NC-17. Smut/Comedy.

Baby Blues by u_knowiloveyou. PG. Angst/Fluff.

know this place like the back of my hand by writingonawall. PG.

Pilfering Brushworks by konnistique. PG. Fluff.

kissing and the quiet by countingcarbs. PG.

the day is darkest before dawn by countingcarbs. NC-17. Vampire!AU.

Red-Eye by readyforever. R.

meet you there (At the End of the World) by orionsroad. R. (a MUST read. I don't care if you're not into AU, or whatever, this just deserves to be read. Epic! in two parts)

  • WIP's

Sixth Sense & Sensibility by immodicus. PG-NC17. 3 Chapters. Complete. (I enjoyed this so much I ended up reading it twice :P)

Play Pretend by dreamrainydays. PG. 6 Chapters. Complete.

A Short Story That Used To Be An Epilogue But Ruined The Story, Much Like JKR Did To Harry Potter by dreamrainydays. R. Angst. (10 Chapters + Epilogue... I'm a sucker for the Epilogue ending :P). Complete.

Marriage Blues by rain_streaked. PG. AU/CRACK. Part 1 of 2.

Request of a Lover by 7writing. PG-NC17. Chapter 44.

  • ArtWork

kiss me by dumplingyum and 0kiwi0. PG.

Yun & Ho Twins by eternalyunjae [deviantart]. Or check out rainysakura's LJ.

I also must pimp the jumotic community for the YunJae artwork. Err, not for young eyes though *waggles eyebrows*

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