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JaeHo Update

  • Oneshots

you hold the other line by kallistei. PG (an oldie, but a goodie)

Patisserie by u_knowiloveyou. R (Based on the Korean movie, 'Antique Bakery')

Dried Grass, Cigarette Smoke, Evening Sun by oh_thexirony. PG.

Bright Lights by oh_thexirony. PG.

Infatuation by oh_thexirony. NC-17.

Day Moon by u_knowiloveyou. PG. (rather poetic, make sure you're paying attention)

you'd mean so much more if i remembered by frictionoflips. R. Angst

Melt by annoukinparis. PG. Drabble

Striped Awnings by esprit_lumiere. PG. Horror/Angst

At the End of Forever by orionsroad. R. Angst (I always get excited if I see a post from this author XD This is a pretty awesome vamp!fic, so don't let the vampire-ness put you off cause it ain't about the blood and fangs)

  • WIP's

The Long Exile by kitsuneyujji. PG. Chapter 9

Just A Cyworld Entry Away! by fei_away. Chapter 9

With The Sun by annoukinparis. PG/R. Chapter 5 (oh sweet lord, how i am loving this series)

You Catch Yourself Trying by nemisis_. G. Angst. Chapter 6: It's Never Enough

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