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Fic MasterList M - Z


Cold by machine_of_july. G. (*wibble*)

Feast by milena_1980. NC-17. (suggested reading by vrilly)

Light and Dark by mocharemel. PG. Drabble

Aches and Pains by mocharemel. PG. Drabble



live a little by ouimonsieur. PG. Semi-sequel to Autumn by x_voracity .
Eighteen Forever by orionsroad. PG (JaeHo/OT5-ish)
Scrub. Rinse. Repeat. by ouimonsieur. PG. (Angst)
Deep Blue by ouimonsieur. PG.
Untitled by ouimonsieur. PG. (Primarily Junsu/Yoochun, but the JaeHo in the background was all good :P Enjoyed muchly)
drabble by ouimonsieur . PG. (Cross-dressing)
Holiday Spirit by ouimonsieur. PG. (think tinsel XD)
Forgiveness by ouimonsieur. PG.
Yes by ouimonsieur. PG.
Memories by ouimonsieur. G. (Bleh. I usually really hate mpreg... but it's well written. May as well dedicate this post to the writings of this author :P).
Commit This to Memory by ouimonsieur. NC-17. Gah, a must read.
in this day and age by ouimonsieur. G. Another must must must read.
Superman by ouimonsieur. PG. (Yunho/JaeJoong, Yoochun/JaeJoong).
In Twenty Years by ouimonsieur. G.
Like the Dust by ouimonsieur. R.
Oh, the Audacity! by ouimonsieur. PG.
All That is Said and Done by ouimonsieur. PG.
untitled by ouimonsieur. R.
Glow by ouimonsieur. PG
carry me down by ouimonsieur . PG. ( and 'Jung to the Ho' )

Five Steps to Nowhere by orionsroad. PG. (Sooo good - a must read! A 'trainee days' fic.)
Kiss 6 by orionsroad . PG.
The Morning That Always Comes by orionsroad. PG. (Jaejoong and Yunho friendship; angst-ish. Oh oh, make sure to read orionsroad's detailed reply to my comment, found it fairly interesting.)
a moment lost in memory by ouimonsieur. G. (Usually I hate MPreg fics, but this was really well written.)
Cinderella's Diner by orionsroad. PG. (Unresolved ending)
Anywhere You Are by orionsroad. PG.
Pieces of You by orionsroad. PG.
Something Extraordinary by orionsroad. PG.
Sunshine in Paris by orionsroad. G.
Best Laid Plans by orionsroad. PG.
All the Signs of Stress by orionsroad. PG.
Stating the Obvious by orionsroad. NC-17.
Girlfriend by orionsroad. G
Bitch, Please by orionsroad. PG.
Morning (Kiss 12) by orionsroad. PG.
Kiss 13 by orionsroad. R.
Meant to Be by orionsroad. PG.

Of Pretty Boys and Paradoxes by out_of_words24. R. (Highschool!fic)

Always by oh_thexirony. G. (Angst)
Perfectionist by oh_thexirony . G (drabble).
What If by oh_thexirony. PG
Vanilla Latte by oh_thexirony. PG. (with sequel The Caffeine to My Coffee)
Kim JaeJoong vs Kim Heechul by oh_thexirony. PG
Decipher Reflections from Reality by oh_thexirony. PG. Angst
Coffee, Paint, and Four Different Languages by oh_thexirony. PG


Perfect Blue by pale_opacity. G.
Nostalgia by pale_opacity. PG. (Gah, so angsty.)

Timeless by phantom_hollow. PG.

maybe won't get you anywhere by preorder. PG


Recall by quix_esque. PG. (AU-ish. Ending had me O_o.)

Prior To by quirke. PG.
Requiem for a Dream by quirke. PG.
Love Spectacle by quirke. PG.
Inertia by quirke. PG
a day in the life by quirke. PG.
Choux Pastry Heart by quirke. PG
Indigo by quirke . PG. Angst


A Million Reasons (And a Million IQ Points) by rain_streaked. PG.
my best friend's love affair by rain_streaked. PG.
Such Gay Things by rain_streaked. PG.
together by rain_streaked. PG.
touch me; i will follow in your afterglow by rain_streaked. PG.
Wild Nights/Paradise Lost by rain_streaked. PG. (with some Yoochun/Junsu)
Untitled by rain_streaked. R.
lines taken from five badfics/korean dramas' by rain_streaked. PG. (Humour/Crack)

Dividing Line by reunionstory. PG. (Friendship? xD)
Simple by reunionstory. NC-17
Sometimes by reunionstory. PG.
untitled by reunionstory. PG.

Countdown to Forever by readyforever. PG.
love it when you smile by readyforever. PG
forever (we'll keep smiling infront of you, forever) by readyforever. PG. Angst
all i can give you by readyforever . PG


Between Now and Forever by sexineko. NC-17.

if only maybe were a four-letter word by silhouettedwing. G. (Drabble)
writing lines on the back of our hands by silhouettedwing. G. (this fic is a sequel to blacking out the friction)

But He Makes Use Of Expletives by onew. PG.
He Likes Tea Better by onew. PG.
Here, We Collect Pieces of Us by onew. R. (Very poignant.)
I Stayed Up til Five by onew. PG.
Soft Like His Hair; Cold Like His Tears by onew. PG. (Junsu/Yunho; implied JaeHo)
Teach Me How To Fly by onew. PG. (JaeHo; one-sided Junsu/Yunho. Mild angst.).
We'd Make Fine Armor by onew. PG.

Care by sly_pantera. PG.
Companion by sly_pantera. PG. Drabble.
Guilt by sly_pantera. NC-17. (Angst, a bit dark; drabble)
Harmony by sly_pantera. PG. (Drabble; unfortunately now friends locked)
Instinct by sly_pantera. NC-17. (short, fluffy... but sweet)
Quirky by sly_pantera. PG.
Tension by sly_pantera. PG.
Waiting by sly_pantera. PG. (Drabble)
Shopping by sly_pantera. PG. (Drabble)
Refresh by sly_pantera. PG.

With Me by soloscry. PG.

Cinnamon and Coffee by sunsick_puppy. PG.

The Space of Years by simply_emotion . R. Angst


Things not taken accounted for
by tyreling. PG.

in my heart there's flowers growing by twotiming. R.

Abstract Art by toaster_x . NC-17


Proud by under_an_oak. PG. (Dark/Angsty)

nietzsche is dead
by unlearned. PG.
house rules' by unlearned. (just some dbsk family lubbles ♥ )

Forget. Me. Not. by u_knowiloveyou. PG. Angst


nocturne by vintagewaltz. PG


Drops of Time by wedspawn. R





At Any Age by Anonymous. PG. (Damn. This fic is complete and utter love. 'As JaeJoong ages, Yunho muses on how he'll never change.')
Before the Act is Over by Anonymous. PG.
Daybreak by Anonymous. PG.
Gone to Ashes by Anonymous. PG. (Check out jaeho_exchange, guys.)
May It Be by Anonymous. R.
Passages by Anonymous. NC17. (Gah, brilliant)
Professionalism by Anonymous. G.
Promises by Anonymous. PG.
Riding Shotgun by Anonymous. NC-17.
Spy vs. Spy by Anonymous. PG.
Stay by Anonymous. PG. (*wibble*)
Counting the Days by Anonymous. G
How The Years Go By by Anonymous. G.
the world keeps spinning by Anonymous. G.
Of Old Dogs and New Tricks by Anonymous. PG.
shuffling papers by Anonymous. PG.
T-Minus Eight by Anonymous. R.
Your Beautiful Bandit by Anonymous. PG.
Pondering the Possibilities by Anonymous. PG.
The Art of Drowning and Falling (in Love) by Anonymous. PG.
A Long Day by Anonymous. PG.
Matches by Anonymous. PG.
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