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Fic MasterList A - L

The Difference Between by age_of_dreams. PG.
Untitled by age_of_dreams. PG. (Unrequited)
Bittersweet by age_of_dreams. PG. (Fluff/Angst)
Too much beer is bad for your health by age_of_dreams. PG.
Bridge Over Troubled Water by age_of_dreams . R

Conversation by akaxiah. G. (JaeHo, Yoochun/Junsu)
Denial by akaxiah. G. (JaeHo, Yoochun/Junsu)
Discography (2005) by akaxiah. G. (Mainly Yoochun/Junsu)
Stalled by akaxiah. G. (Yoochun/Junsu, JaeHo)

Better by xiahki & anoukinparis. R. Angsty.


Oh, Christmas Tree by bel_chan. PG.

Untitled by bellishness. PG. Crack-fic.

but do you?/give yourself away in an envelope/to the world by bluetent. R.
Hanging by bluetent. PG.
Slide Into My Machine by bluetent. R.


Apartment 1509 by candy_swirlz. PG.
Pause, Play, Rewind, Forward by countingcarbs. PG. Angst

Forces of Gravity by caspien_sea. PG.<
Offer by caspien_sea. PG.

Fine Line by coconutjack. G.('Changmin POV; OT5 (Yoosu, Yunjae if you look close enough :])' )

Inside Out by c0llisi0n. PG (Angst).

Unlove by club_hypnotic . R


Discharge by digindeeper. R. (AU)
The Five Time Yunho Tried to Ask JaeJoong Out, and the One Time He Did, Sort of by dreamrainydays. PG.
And you wish and you wish and you wish by dreamrainydays. PG.
Icarus by dreamrainydays. G. (JaeJoong-centric)


Attention, and Broken by evangellie. PG. (JaeMin, JaeHo; Angst)


Catching Shadows by fei_away. PG.
Memos by fei_away. PG.

Jigsaw by fightfair. PG.

on letting go by frictionoflips . R

and it feels like fliying, doesn't it? by florentineeggs . G.


heartbeats by gado. PG.

Most of the Time by gimmick_. PG. (Yunho/Heechul; JaeHo)
Contact by guu_dammit. PG.


It's Okay by hay_linny. PG. Drabble
A Wish for the New Year by hay_linny. PG. Not a bad fic, get's a little fluffy towards the end though. So if you like it sugary, this is for you.

After This, Our Exile by hydrochloric_me. PG.
Candy Hearts by hydrochloric_me. PG.
I Am & Hello, Goodbye by hydrochloric_me. R.
in your eyes by hydrochloric_me. PG.
Smile Again by hydrochloric_me. PG. (AU)
the best days of our lives by hydrochloric_me. PG. (Romance/Fluff)


Cross-Connection by i_killed_cue. PG.
Dive by i_killed_cue. G. Unfinished. I have to say that I really enjoyed this ficcie, mainly due to it being from the PoV of an 'outsider' to DBSK. A back-up dancer, to be exact. Even though the end of it isn't the end... it still works well :)
The Fall by i_killed_cue. R.
Of The Terrible Doubt of Appearances by i_killed_cue. PG. (Must read. Author suggests that you listen to a piano piece, called 'Together We Will Live Forever', while reading this particular fic. So I was lazy and just tracked it down on youtube. XD)

Forever by imaii. PG.

Praxis by isamijae. PG.
Boys by Blood - NG's Special by isamijae. PG. (Humour)

Gone by the Wind by immodicus. NC-17. (JaeHo, mainly Yoochun/Junsu; suggested reading by _happy_as_rain_ )

Longing by isamijae. R.
Only At Night by isamijae. PG. (Part of the Jung Yunho M.D. Universe)
Sugar Drop by isamijae. PG. (AU)
Up & Down by isamijae. G.
You Know by isamijae. PG.

nothing better by issue . PG


any dream by jumoon. PG. (anyband!verse)


Five Ways to Say Goodnight: Way 2 (Repackage Version) by kallistei. NC-17. XD
The Last Days of the Century by kallistei. G. OT5. - This was recommended to me, again, by _happy_as_rain_, and thank you so much. I'm not into OT5, however... this was just simply fantastic. JaeHo hintage, obviously... but it was just lovely. The whole fic. And its sequel, One More Morning. Please read. It is complete and utter love.
Not Thinking Twice by kallistei. PG.
Paris, en retenant by kallistei. PG.
Routine by kallistei. G.
you hold the other line by kallistei. G.
know this place like the back of my hand by kallistei. R.
These Ordinary Days by kallistei. PG.

Always, Forever by kitsuneyujji. R. Wah, so good.
Bitter Candy by kitsuneyujji. PG. Sequels Reality Check, and Denial. My favourite set of fics from this author.
Future Present by kitsuneyujji. PG. Drabble.
The Leader, and companion piece, Another View by kitsuneyujji. PG. (Not exactly JaeHo, but JaeJoong and Yunho-centric.)
Once and Always by kitsuneyujji. PG. Drabble.
Playing with Fire by kitsuneyujji. PG. Drabble, and written for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, based on a prompt XD
Growing Pains by kitsuneyujji. PG. (Humour)
Holidays by kitsuneyujji . PG


Before He Cheats by ladydusk_raku. PG.

Ariel v. Prince Eric; Junsu v. Yoochun {plaintiff v. defendant} by lo_anlurui. PG. (JaeHo, Yoochun/Junsu; suggested reading by _happy_as_rain_ )

A Bicycle Built for Five by lovedoesthat. G.
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