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JaeHo Author Rec

After reading blurmeese 's 'trees without leaves' - which broke my heart into many little pieces, then ground them into the dirt - I had a snoop around the author's fic collection. Check it out, lots of great one-shots in here, and some fairly longer fics as well. A fair few are quite angsty, so keep that in mind. Should bug her to complete her unfinished series :P

Umm. And how did this comm manage to get up to 400 members??? When I first made jaeho_script , I just figured it'd be maybe a dozen or so who would even take any notice of the recommendations. I didn't think they'd be so many people who shared the same tastes. But I do hope it helps you all out when you're in the need for some good JaeHo/YunJae food.

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