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Eskie on Ice [userpic]
JaeHo Update
by Eskie on Ice (eskiie)
at April 20th, 2009 (07:44 pm)
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  • OneShots

Just Don't Think by dreamrainydays. PG.

Body Language by dreamrainydays. G.

Inspiration by dreamrainydays. NC-17.

Build A House Around Him by immodicus. PG. Angst. ( Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Junsu, Junsu/Yunho + (past) Yoochun/Junsu, (implied) Jaejoong/Yunho )

if at first you don't succeed, try and try... and try again by immodicus. PG.

and if you break, just don't tell me by frictionoflips. R. Angry!Love

Phone Call of Death by mes_t. NC-17. Smut/Comedy.

Baby Blues by u_knowiloveyou. PG. Angst/Fluff.

know this place like the back of my hand by writingonawall. PG.

Pilfering Brushworks by konnistique. PG. Fluff.

kissing and the quiet by countingcarbs. PG.

the day is darkest before dawn by countingcarbs. NC-17. Vampire!AU.

Red-Eye by readyforever. R.

meet you there (At the End of the World) by orionsroad. R. (a MUST read. I don't care if you're not into AU, or whatever, this just deserves to be read. Epic! in two parts)

  • WIP's

Sixth Sense & Sensibility by immodicus. PG-NC17. 3 Chapters. Complete. (I enjoyed this so much I ended up reading it twice :P)

Play Pretend by dreamrainydays. PG. 6 Chapters. Complete.

A Short Story That Used To Be An Epilogue But Ruined The Story, Much Like JKR Did To Harry Potter by dreamrainydays. R. Angst. (10 Chapters + Epilogue... I'm a sucker for the Epilogue ending :P). Complete.

Marriage Blues by rain_streaked. PG. AU/CRACK. Part 1 of 2.

Request of a Lover by 7writing. PG-NC17. Chapter 44.

  • ArtWork

kiss me by dumplingyum and 0kiwi0. PG.

Yun & Ho Twins by eternalyunjae [deviantart]. Or check out rainysakura's LJ.

I also must pimp the jumotic community for the YunJae artwork. Err, not for young eyes though *waggles eyebrows*

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Posted by: asuka2507 (asuka2507)
Posted at: April 20th, 2009 12:24 pm (UTC)

eskie, jumotic is bloody awesome site xD *runs*

Posted by: Eskie on Ice (eskiie)
Posted at: April 20th, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
DBSK - JaeJoong red suck



Posted by: hello stranger (_happy_as_rain_)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2009 07:50 am (UTC)

200 words! Hilarious little short piece from changmin’s POV.

SHE FINALLY WROTE YUNJAE!! Kinda like how I felt when I saw unlearned finally wrote a Yunjae fic also. I LOVE her fic even though she writes a pairing I don’t really read (homin)… this… is amazing fic. ;_____________;

“the best part of traveling is coming home.” I don’t know if you’ve recced this before either but ohmygod, I LOVE this piece. Switches between Korea and Japan, home and not home. Such a unique and wonderful piece J

Her other Yunjae piece. Amazing. Amazing characterization emotion feeling little things aughhh I love this piece so so so much.

I don’t know if you’ve already recced this or not, but just in case… Honestly, one of my favorite works ever. “apartment 1509.” Yunjae as seen by the old woman living next door.

the sort of sequel to “apartment 1509.”

Two pieces by this new author I discovered. Interesting and beautiful style. J


this is actually a really old fic (almost three years old lol) by ranalore called “social dancing in 4-1 time”). I really really like this. J

her new fic

guu damnit. “rewind.” Epic epic epic fic.

blurmeese. “trees without leaves.” Beautiful. J

“the gravity of our hearts.” Wow. Intense.

small triumphs of war. I love AU. And this is an AU set in Sparta…. XD

“the clock strikes twelve twice.”
“five different languages.”
the author of “happiness is a warm gun.” Her first yunjae fics (they’re part of a trilogy but dunno if she’s going to write the last part) and she’s still developing her writing style but really absorbing and fun to read J
“take the kids and run.” Sequel to “happiness is a warm gun.” Focuses more on Yoosu’s relationship but side Yunjae.

“of bookstores and word vomit.” this is actually chunjae… but very similar to the jaemin I sent you (the author took the fic off due to some drama about plagiarization?? D: I don’t really know) but yeah there’s no yunjae but it’s SO hilarious & so funny & actually all her fics seem really enjoyable & funny ( I haven’t read all of them yet) but I think you should definitely try this one out at least? :D

(I dream of you in) cuts and sparkling diamonds. It’s a… kind of Jaesu? There’s past yunjae here but ughhh this fic is really good!!!

“I feel (I can make your heart go faster)” the main pairing here is also not yunjae (there’s a little bit of it!) but it’s… just so good. Honestly. Hilarious and blows my mind away. :D

Also, little_bibelot’s sequel to “Music is my life”—“Paper Crown.”

Augh, I feel kinda weird always putting these long comments with fic? I really hope you don't mind. I read these fics I really like and just think this community is a great opportunity to promote the authors and let others find their fic from a source other than jaeho_detox, lol.

Posted by: Eskie on Ice (eskiie)
Posted at: May 17th, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)

Oh man, how much do I appreciate this!!! You never let me down, I always enjoy the fics you recommend for me to read :)

Two stand outs for me were 'Sounds Like Love', and 'Trees Without Leaves'. I enjoyed the originality of SLL <3 and it was angsty with a happy ending, which I always love. And Trees Without Leaves... i teared up all the way through it. You are evil evil evil for recommending it. The BoA/Junsu thing had me gaaaaaaaaah. And the ending was... T__________________T but suited. I loved it. I want to spaz about it. But I won't XD

I'm still making my way through your recs (been busy of late), but I'm excited about 'Paper Crown'! Can't wait to see the continuation of the JaeHo :D

And please don't feel weird about putting comments along with the fics you recommend, I really do appreciate it, and I definitely wouldn't have come across a couple of these without you pointing the way. I'm glad you think this comm is a great opportunity to promote authors and their fics - some writers don't get enough love.

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